July 4 Celebrated by Elvis, Fair and More – New Pet-Friendly Fireworks, Joy from senior pet(s) can far exceed constraints, Dog Parade, Powerball FREE Play

HAPPY 4TH FROM ELVIS! ELVIS SiGHTINGS! Elvis came back to offer the nation a much needed shot of patriotism  in unannounced, rare  appearance July 4 in San Pablo, Ca . He sang ‘American Trilogy’ before disappearing in a puff of pink , resurfacing in  Vegas with his pink caddy to officiate at a wedding, and then disappearing into the twilight, we are told . Don’t believe it? Here’s a bit of tape. Elvis appears looking good for 89 or even 78!  Was this a message from above? Rumors that Elvis might run for President were quickly squashed as he disappeared into the twilight, not to be heard from again >>>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVbef1O6phQ&sns=em

Are new drone ‘fireworks’ better than real ones ? Certainly Our pets prefer them. Here’s a sample from Alameda County Fair, Pleasanton , CA which runs thru July 9 and ‘fireworks’ continue. The noise comes from the rest of the fair-NOT these ‘fireworks’

TRIBUTE TO ZACK: Why Older Pets (or any pets) Can Bring Such Joy even at the expense of ‘normal’ life activities

Anti inflammation, healthy soup link

23rd Annual Moraga CA Dog Parade – ‘All Winners’

160 dogs and their humans turn out for a festi e 4th. Later this night Moraga will hold a rockin concert with the Houserockers. Same place , different time

Speaking of Cats and Pets and Dogs the 23rd Annual Moraga CA Dog Parade brought out what I believe to be a record 160 dogs of all shapes and sizes and breeds or non-breeds. There were almost as many categories it seemed as there were dogs. Among the costumed were the biggest and perhaps smallest dog , below, and angel dog below them.

Angel dog

Awesome Musical Gardens at the ‘Queen of Fairs’ – Alameda County Fair Runs Thru July 9

(Even if they dont play music) The Queen of the Bay Area county fairs has everything going for it- even featuring player pianos in the garden. Don’t quite understand the water feature but this 1st place landacape winner sure looked awesome even if any musicality was  prevented by the deluge. But then one can walk about 100 feet to the wine garden to hear the great Terry Hanks Band if they want music- or take in one of nightly headliner shows In the vintage amphitheater.
Gone are the days of the free double shows featuring vontage icons like Bo Diddley, Pat Boone, Frsnkie and Annette, Neil Sedaka, Marty Robbins, The Diamonds and the Platters and Donnie Brooks’ Cavalcade of stars but that’s the way of the world. But the beautiful tree-lined setting is still the same – and the race track and the animal barns, 4h exhibits and the classic funnel cakes and the other classic ‘health’ fare is still there

JB’s ‘A’ List – early July


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3 Silly, Fun, Happy Feline Favorites On One 3-Cat Day >

CLICK HERE for the rest of the story

U.S. Has Less Than Seven Minutes to Respond to  a Nuclear Bomb sent at the U.S.

Yet Nobody Seems Concerned,  Especially Joe Biden, of the Greatest Threat to U.S. Ever with Weakened Presidency and New Real Nuclear Threat by Korea, Russia, Iran…


The Entire Biden admin ( FBI, CIA, ETC) KNEW Their President Was Seriously Ill Yet Nobody Did Anything. In Fact some like AG Garland Kept Requested Evidence from House Investigations

Those social media posters targeting Trump for assassination should be immediately investigated by the FBI, which used to be normal protocol when somebody threatens a President.

Celebrated World Day of Music today – June 21, 2024 – Listen to Music (as I Get a Chance  Celebrate my Late Music-Loving Sister with Our Fave Music on her Burtday*) >>>

Another Piece Of Me Departs with Bill Walton – Senior Country

More tributes to the great Bill Walton from his contemporaries > https://youtu.be/3RUltLzXoh8?si=uFjAoYJud03r325W

‘1) He brought joy to everything. Youbknew itbwas going to be a good time when Bill Walton was around. 2) He was a great source of encouragement.

Bill Walton’s email message to another sports broadcaster (Ernie ______l after losing his mother:

‘Be glad for what you had for so long. Live your life in tribute and honor to and for that magificent angel. We love you. Thank you. Heel on. Shine on.’ -BW

and more ( Walton 45 minute tribute)


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what goes around comes around

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