Sandoval hits three homers in one game off best pitcher in baseball and 6 homers so far in series (one homer per eight at bats) after hitting only 12 homers the entire season.. Scutaro hitting .400 up until 2nd game (maybe he thought he better slow down for a game) with only 1 strikeout in 50 at bats. Giants no-name pitchers Zito and Vogelsong sudden success in their mid-30s.  Even during the regular season all starters  were hitting over .270 significantly higher than their lifetime averages or  previous team or power numbers were up.

How is it the Giants are having their best week of the season now for the playoffs and World Series against top competition? It’s 2010 deja vu all over – and a lot more we believe. How can one argue, The otherworldly stats are there.  Last week we thought that perhaps only Scutaro and a couple others might be using PEDs but now it appears possible that the entire Giants team may be involved.

How could a slightly above-average team with no power make mincemeat of the top teams in baseball for the second time in three years? Marco Scutaro says its luck in his case. We say there are too many coincidenses and too long that this has been going on to call it luck. If it weren’t for late season injuries to Posey and Wilson last year, the Giants would be going for their third world series championship in three years. And the pitching… it’s not the aces doing the damage but guys in their mid-30s named Zito , Vogelsong , Affeldt and Lopez.

After Melky Cabrera got caught for being ‘dumb,’ steroid and Performance enhancing drugs guru Victor Conte told the world how easy it is to get away with PEDs . He explained
August 15 how players can inject up to four times the normal amount of testosterone and still not be caught. He also suggested a drug test that WILL catch such cheaters but which Major League Baseball and commissioner Bud Selig have yet to adopt.

Thus you have a team from the most liberal city in the US, San Francisco, taking advantage of the under-patroled situation, again. Fans never minded when Barry Bonds
got caught and probably wouldn’t mind if the new team was found with additional players
using testosterone, the PED of choice since Cabrera and Mota were caught earlier in the year.

The Giants are the leaders in PEDs, with two of the five players caught this year for using illegal PEDs.

VICTOR CONTE (8/15): 50% of his hometown SF Giants on testosterone, steroids, PEDs.. How else could a slightly above average team go all the way two of last three years… with journeymen players suddenly hitting .300 and .400, ie Sandoval and Scutaro,Pagan, Arias, Blanco, Belt…the entire team is hitting over .270 this year except Crawford, who still raised his average 50 points over last year and Pence, who just joined the team recently, after Melky took his secret sauce. Note Scutaro hit over .500 in the St Louis series and has only struck out one time in 50 at bats in the NLCS series
– which is pretty unheard of (translates to 10 strikeouts for a whole season).

Then we
have the pitchers led by Casilla  and newly acquired Jose Mijares (also acquired from Kansas City after Melky, who , like Melky suddenly increased his
output at KC and now the Giants over previous teams, and then there’s Mota who, facing his final strike may have finallygone off the juice (based on a 5 plus ERA… Basically every player on the Giants has significantly higher stats since
joining the Giants or over previous years, excluding Pence and Penny who joined the team post Melky and, of course Mota post-PEDs and will probably be off the team soon. 1

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